Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teacher Gift

Lulu's school mascot is...

drum roll please...

a starfish.

Yes - a starfish. Don't laugh, just work with me here.

I've been wanting to get a starfish theme gift for her teachers. I found some of these note cards on etsy and am wondering which would be best. All sets are basically the same price.

Set #1. These cards are in the school colors kinda (teal and white) and this lady said that she would make the whole set in the starfish pattern if I want her too. Blank inside. 6 cards in the set.

Set #2. Not the school colors, but I do like these cards. Blank inside. 4 cards in the set

Set #3. A set of thank you cards. 4 cards in the set.

Another option is to give the gift of food. Trader Joe's has some dark chocolate covered star cookies with little white sprinkles on them. I thought starfish as soon as I say them. I could get a box of the cookies and separate them into little cellophane packs with teal and white ribbons. Maybe attach a $5 gift card for the local coffee shop as well.

What do you think? Note cards or gift of food? Do you have a better idea?

Grammar check:

note cards - is it one word or two? I think it's two words.

starfish - is it one word or two? I think it's one word.


Jen said...

I think you should stick with the note cards, I really like set#1 just because they are the school colors. If I remember correctly back when I was in school the teachers always got plenty of sweets. I think the cards would be something different, something that they could use.

MitziKai said...

I too love the first set of notecards. GOOOOOO Starfish!