Thursday, December 11, 2008

Disney World. Day 3. Coming Home.

7:00 a.m. awake and out of the room in 15 minutes.

We were headed to Hollywood again to see if we could grab an early seat on the Toy Story Mania ride before the crowd got there. Speed walking to get to the Toy Story Mania ride was similar to the running of the bulls. I was appalled that these folks were racing to get to an amusement park ride – then, I realized that I was racing to get to… an amusement park ride. Yikes! We (Napmom and Lulu) got to the ride and were numbers 8 and 9 in line.

Lulu and I spent some time at the Imagination Stage where we were given a demonstration on how the animators bring the Disney cartoon movie characters to life. After leaving the demonstration, we were second in line to meet this guy. I say this because I would have liked to have taken more pictures of Lulu and the mouse, but she refused to wait in line to meet the characters. I think that this was part of her not wanting to be bothered with celebrities thing.

Lulu practiced a voiceover and took a quiz to see which Disney character she is most like. Look in the background – we practically had the whole place to ourselves.

Then, we went in to the studio to try our hand at drawing a famous Disney character.

Note to Disney: Yes, the animator explained that there are no erasers on these pencils. Yes, he also explained that these drawings do not need to be perfect. Yes, he was very kind. However, there was more than one child who was crying because he ‘messed up’ on his drawing and wanted to fix it. I mean, we had sobbing kids in here folks. They wanted erasers and they wanted to fix their pictures. They wanted to opportunity to make it look better. For crying out loud – can’t you give us some pencils with erasers? Who gives kids pencils without erasers? Pencils without erasers – bad idea, very bad idea. Parents – this is a very fun experience and will be well worth it, but save yourself the tears and bring your own eraser.

We saw some more shows, ate lunch, and headed back to the resort so that we could catch the Magical Express to the airport.

This was my state of mind at the end of the day on Sunday. One Napmom can only handle but so much fun!

Coming Home

On the flight home, Lulu completed her class assignment. She was tasked to come up with a food item that she likes and is important to her culture. Unfortunately for us, her ancestral food does NOT include chicken nuggets or pizza. Her culture/heritage choices are limited to: Native American, Greek, and Irish. I almost had to make Greek Baklava with no nuts (nuts being the signature ingredient) because we are not permitted to bring nut items to school. However, Lulu settled for the Native American cornbread casserole instead. Whew!

Other tidbits and memories from our trip:

Our Top 3 Disney Experiences
1. Waking up Tinker Bell
2. Seeing Lulu cheer at Downtown Disney
3. Seeing the Osborne lights at Hollywood
Honorable Mention. The Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story Mania rides

Question that Lulu said we asked most during our trip:
“Where are you from?”

Where are we going on our next girls’ trip?
“Wherever life takes us” -Lulu

Lulu’s honest response to learning that there were Disney celebrities performing at MK while we were there: “I can’t be bothered with celebrities while I am at Disney – I just can’t be bothered.”

The End.

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MitziKai said...

I suppose she can't be bothered with celebrities as she's now a celebrity herself of Disney cheering fame! WOO HOO! Tell her we're anxious to get this celebrity's autograph on a Disney cheering headshot. :)