Friday, December 19, 2008

10 Things

Top 10 Things That Have Happened to Me Since I Last Blogged.

Disclaimer: This list works kinda like the Time Magazine cover. Some of this news is good news and some not-so-good news, but all of it is newsworthy.

1. Napmom got a sinus infection. It IS a sinus infection – I don’t care what the doc says otherwise. I did not fall off the face of the earth. I have been very ill for days now. Yikes - here is what else we have been up to lately.

2. Bro dressed up and went to see his sister’s chorus concert. The theme was “Holiday Around the World.” Lulu’s school staff is really trying to celebrate the diversity of their students. I didn’t know that there are 16 languages spoken among the faculty, staff, and students at her school. Cool huh?

3. Napmom attended a cookie baking class in the kitchen seen here (got this one pic and then my camera battery died – argh).
It was a fabulous class offered through the local community college. Sixteen of us baked 32 different kinds of cookies. At the end of the day the cookies were set out and we (the bakers) grabbed as many cookies to take home as our containers would hold. Here is how my cookies were distributed: 1/3 to my family, 1/3 to neighbors and friends, and 1/3 are in my freezer waiting for us to devour them.

4. The teacher gifts came in. Just look at these cute note cards for Lulu’s teachers. I purchased them on from peaseblossomstudio. This transaction could not have been better. Peaseblossom answered all of my questions via etsy conversation and was so kind to put the note cards in the mail quickly so that I would have them for Lulu’s teachers before the holiday break. Then, the note cards arrived and they were wrapped and packaged so carefully. Peaseblossom went so far as to place bits of packing material in the bow so that they wouldn’t get squished during shipping. How wonderful!!!!! I would definitely purchase from peaseblossom again.

At the time of the writing of this blog, the teachers have been given their note cards and they were a big hit. It did not go unnoticed that the cards were in the school colors with the school mascot (not pictured - but the starfish was in there)! Yeah!

5. We put up our Christmas tree. Typically, I do this the day after Thanksgiving, but Lulu was at her dad’s house that day and I wouldn’t dare set up the tree without her. In a stroke of luck, Bro will NOT touch the tree. It is quite hilarious actually. He practically ignores that fact that this lifesize glowing structure has moved into our living room. Well, when he first saw the tree he went to touch the tree and one of the other branches bumped/scratched his forehead. He immediately backed away from the tree and has not attempted to touch it since. Awesome!!!!!

Lulu and I decorated the tree when Bro went to bed. Meanwhile, Dear Husband made himself a special drink and plopped himself on the recliner while he announced that his favorite part of Christmas is “sitting back watching Lulu and me decorate the tree.” I almost fell over when he said this. Seriously, he grabbed a drink and helped himself to a recliner while Lulu and I decorated the tree and much of the rest of the house too. Too much!

6. Napmom found out that she works with someone from her hometown. This is only so remarkable because my hometown is so small and simple and NOBODY has ever heard of it much less claimed to be “from this town.” For all intents and purposes, we will now refer to this town as Mayberry. Mayberry is most famous for the annual Pig Cookin’. Now that’s Good Eats! Nonetheless, I was sitting at work talkin’ ‘bout the Pig Pickin’ and this guy came out of his office and said, “Mayberry? I’m from Mayberry!” At which time I gave my typical clarification which is, “Mayberry, North Carolina – NOT the one in Rhode Island (home of a very famous town of similar name).” “Yeah – I’m from Mayberry, North Carolina,” he said. BOWL ME OVER WITH A FEATHER – NO WAY! He knows about Atlantic Beach and Highway 70 and the old skate rink and how built up it is now and the Marine base, and the pig cookin’, and the beach, and on and on and on. Can you believe it? I mean we’re practically family now! I don’t know about YOU, but I can honestly say that since I moved from Mayberry, I have never met someone from Mayberry. Shocking!

To put it in perspective here are some stats on my hometown and my current town of residence.
2000 Census Data

Mayberry/hometown: 831 families/456 people/7.4 square miles
Current Town: 5,478 families/3,998 people/5 square miles

6. Napmom was invited to do her part to help the State to save $34 million. Yep – that’s right. There isn’t enough money in the State coffers to pay the State employees their full salary so we were all furloughed (got a pay cut). I’m NOT complaining – I am more than happy to do my share to help the State in this economic crisis. The good news is that I don’t have to work for free. I will get a 4-day pay cut along with 4 days at home with my family!!!!!

7. The UPS guy keeps dropping off packages at the house. Lulu got these great light-up socks from the Grand Matriarch! ;-) They go great with the camo pants and pink shirt. Wink, wink!

And this great package came for the family, although Bro was more interested in the shipping material than the actual gifts.

8. Napmom had to cancel her Visa check card because someone stole my card number, created a new card of their own, and charged $500 worth of drugs on the card at a semi-local CVS. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I won’t be spending any money for the next few days.

9. Bro discovered our under-the-tree manger (and tried to eat it????).

10. Napmom took some great pics of my children Lulu in front of the Christmas tree.

11 and 12. A few more things... my camera came in (which means that Fairy Grandmother can have HER camera back) and I haven't mailed out even one Christmas card (which breaks my heart actually).

What's new and exciting in your home?

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

We spent the weekend making Christmas the new thing in my home is trying not to eat all the cookies before my family comes for Christmas dinner! I love your photos and am quite jealous of that cookie making class. What a good idea!