Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tinker Bell Returns

Lulu and Daddy Warbucks watch movies all of the time. However, I don't have as much time to watch movies with Lulu as I would like. She has been wanting to watch Tinker Bell and has purposely NOT watched it with her dad so that we can watch it together. Oh sweet!

Nonetheless, Saturday night we put Bro to bed and settled down to watch Tinker Bell. She came busting down the stairs with her Tinker Bell ears

which were signed by Tinker Bell herself.

For some reason, we could not get the movie to come up on Comcast and a call to Comcast rang forever. Dear Husband, being so wonderful, told Lulu that he would drive her up to Blockbuster. So they went to Blockbuster, like this.

Tinker Bell was a very fun movie. It reminded me of a cross between Little Mermaid and a Bug's Life. Lulu is hoping that Santa brings her a copy of the movie for Christmas. Don't you know that it just killed Dear Husband to rent a movie that may be sitting in front of our fireplace in just a few more days.

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