Monday, December 8, 2008

Disney World. Getting There.

Getting there was more like a clip from a movie entitled, “The Griswold’s go to Disney.” We successfully made it out of the house and to the airport, but that’s when things got crazy. The events went something like this:

4:30 Boarded the plane.

4:35 Napmom sat in gum.

4:45 Napmom realized that she was sitting in gum – and it was a huge blob of gum.

4:50 During take-off, Napmom’s snacks rolled out of her bag, onto the floor, and landed at the feet of the people behind me.

4:51 Fairy Grandmother asked the passengers behind us if I can have my snack back.

5:00 Fairy Grandmother pushed the flight attendant call button, thinking that it was the light.

5:20 Fairy Grandmother negotiated for a free glass of wine because I sat in gum.

6:00 Lulu read through her material and learned that the first person to arrive at Tinker Bell’s Fairy Treasure store gets to wake her up.

6:01 Lulu announced that she would be waking up Tinker Bell tomorrow.

We landed safely and were whisked away to our resort via the Disney Magical Express.

Headed to Downtown Disney where we got a bite to eat and did some window shopping.
Landed back at the resort at midnight-ish. Plan to get to the Magic Kingdom early tomorrow to wake up Tinker Bell.

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