Sunday, March 1, 2009

Relaxing at home

We had a quiet weekend at home. Here are some pictures of Bro pushing his "mail cart." His favorite activity is reading books. After that, he loves to push his mail cart around the room. He even turns it by himself. And then, he takes off towards the other end of the room. He fills his cart with special items and pushes his cart all around. You can tell that he feels like such a big boy when he is pushing his cart. Good - hopefully he'll like pushing the lawn mower just as much... but I think that I am getting ahead of myself.

I also like this picture of him reading this book because he loves, loves, loves to read books turn the pages.

Walking update: He is still mostly crawling. Walking is very sporadic. I am really going to try to get video of his Frankenstein walk because it is so cute.


Sarah @ said...

That's great that he likes books! It must be so cute to watch him peruse books at this age =)

I'm glad you had a nice weekend!

Nap Mom said...

Yeah - I'm not trying to imply that I have a super baby or anything like that. However, I clearly have a baby who just really enjoys turning the pages and looking at the pictures. He just doesn't get bored of it. I am a book lover too so this is actually very fun for us both.

Katelyn said...

Woohoo! Instill that love of reading in him young :) Too cute! Brooklyn has a shopping cart, I need to remember to take it out for her to practice some more "walking."

Manic Mommy said...

I still have his birthday book. Promise to get it in the mail to you SOON!

Grand Matriarch said...

I love the little videos.. they are sooo cute! I hope you are saving a lot of these so you will have something to entertain his girlfriends with in years to come.. hahaha!!

From the time you were about a year old I read to you every day.. We started out with the "My first word" books and colors and shapes and that one about potty training an elephant.. and then along came the Cat and the Hat.. that was your favorite no matter what else we read and by the time you could read I could almost recite the !@#$ thing by heart! I hope he just loves the Cat and the Hat!!