Friday, February 27, 2009


Why haven't I been blogging? Because I am crazy busy at work. I work all morning, all day, and all night, sometimes without even the smallest hint of a break. Nonetheless, time at home is spent... sleeping!

We had a staff workload status update yesterday. The good news is that we have completed 55% of our session workload during the past 5 weeks. The bad news is that we have to complete the other 45% in less than 3 weeks. Gulp! Cry me a river!

While I have been working, this is what else has been going on at home.

The Great Science Fair Mystery.

It looks like we Emily will be making rock candy growing sugar crystals for her science fair project. The question is, Do sugar crystals grow better on certain types of string. Emily plans to grow the crystals on thick rope, yarn, and fishing line.

The idea is that you boil some water and add tons of sugar to the hot water until you can barely add anymore. Then you pour the sugar water into a clean jar. Hang a piece of string down into the sugar mixture. Wait, wait, wait, wait, (a few days to a few weeks, depending) and then you will have sugar crystals growing on your string. Yes, real edible, delicious, sugar crystals.

Walking: Brody walks short distances, in a very Frankenstein-type fashion, but nothing monumental yet. Oh, and he was sick... again... but now he is better... again!

Middle school: Lulu came home with a course selection sheet for middle school next year. Obviously, there are some main courses that all of the kids take. They are also permitted to select some electives fun classes.

Her choices include a variety of dance, music, and art classes. Wanna know her top most favorite class choice is, that she just can't live without? (NO sarcasm here.) Strategies for Academic Success. She is overjoyed about this study skills class and "really hopes" that she "gets this class." Ha ha ha ha! Gotta love her! Seriously, this class teaches basic study skills, typing, how to create Power Point presentations, formatting business documents, and more. She is as excited about this class as she has ever been about anything. Too funny!

Dale: Dale, the beloved family pet, ate Bro's brand new shoes.

Wine: I had one two three glasses of wine. This is only so monumental because I am not a drinker, at all. Gosh, it felt so good! It's been a long time!

Oh, I almost forgot...

Dating: Apparently, a boy at school "asked Lulu out." Well, he sent her a note that said, "What would you say if I asked you out?" I don't promote this dating thing (certainly not for 5th graders) and so I just try to remain as nonpartial as I can. Back to the story, I asked her what she said. She said, "I told him that I would have to get back to him about it." Ha! I asked her where they would "go" for this "going out" event. She said that she didn't know because another friend told her that this boy only has one dollar and so he can't afford to really take her anywhere nice. Ha! I'll let you know how the story unfolds.

flickr rock candy photo courtesy of noeknit


Grand Matriarch said...

Hahahaha!!!!! I see sooo many things I have alrady beed through over the years.. And what a gorgeous dog (smirk, smirk).. You need to keep the things you really want out of reach of whoever..

We want to see the Frankenstein walking.. it is so cute! Get that camera going as this will only happen for a short period of time..

I am sooo glad they did not have science projects when I was going to school.. That was my least liked subject. I still don't like to watch the weather because it reminds me of the torture I went through when we were studying weather and all those weird clouds.. Like I cared.. just tell me if it is going to rain!

I have been fascinated with the kids here and their "going together".. They don't go anywhere! They just "go together" until they break up and it is always an off-again on-again thing.. You can never keep track of who is going with who.. even though they are going nowhere! Lulu is way too young to even thing about that..

Ariane said...

Ahh, a new meme - your top 5 $1 dates for 5th graders!

Nap Mom said...

Yes - top 5 $1 dates. Apparently, a playdate at the local park is one of them.

Manic Mommy said...

Oh goodness. This post cracked me up. I love the sugar crystals but in the 5th grade? YIKES! I love her response though. Spoken like a true, confident young lady who knows what she wants. Good girl! I must admit that her choice of electives would be my top pic too. HA! Love it!