Friday, February 13, 2009

To keep or not to keep? That is the question.

As you know, several weeks ago we celebrated Bro's birthday. As you might know, I am a pack rat.

pack rat n. Informal A collector or accumulator of miscellaneous objects.

From what I can tell, from observing other close family members (ahem - Grand Matriarch), this is a dominant genetic trait in my family tree.

Bro has some Mylar balloons that have been floating in our living room since his party. (You know, mylar balloons are the thick silver balloons with pictures on them.) Unlike some of Lulu's birthday balloons (which tend to be related to her particular theme and, thus, of no good use from year to year), Bro's balloons were relatively generic and "Happy Birthday" in style. So, I thought that we could save Bro's balloons (four Mylar balloons in all) and use them again another year. This seems perfectly logical to me?

I inserted a straw into the balloons ends so that I could let out the air (a trick that DH didn't know -ha ha ha ha ha). Then, I deflated the balloons and folded them in a bag for next year. DH thinks that I am crazy for saving the balloons.

Have I gone too far? Do you save your Mylar balloons? If not, then what do you do with them? I hate to throw them away.

Note to self: In case I forget, I put the balloons in the top-level hall closet, next to the garden flags.


Grand Matriarch said...

You are never going to be able to find them next year at birthday time.. hahaha!!!! And if you (accidentally) do, how are you going to blow them up? Plain air won't make them float...

Grand Matriarch said...

Could you possibly be saying I am a packrat????