Sunday, February 15, 2009

Science Fair

The papers came home. Yep. That's right! Lulu's school is having a science fair this year and she has to come up with a project idea.

I'm not the biggest science fair fan. It's just that science fair projects have lots of rules and are a whole lotta work for not a lot of fun (in my opinion). Well, as an adult I would like to participate, but it was never fun for me as a child.

Last night we/I reminisced my science fair projects from my childhood.

Let's see. There was the time that I dropped objects out of the barn hayloft to answer the question: Does the weight of an object affect its freefall to the ground?

The next year I hid my science fair paper and ended up growing mold on bread at the last minute.

After that I added different types of manure to plants to see which one worked best for plant growth (which is really cool for a budding tween-ager - thanks Grand Matriarch). I added horse, rabbit, and goat manure to my plants. If I remember correctly, the rabbit manure worked the best.

My middle school project was inspired by copied from someone I knew who was a few years older than me. It dealt with acid rain. I won for my grade level, in my tiny school, and went on to the county science fair. At the county fair, I was most embarrassed when one of the judges asked me what the acidity level was for the rain in my area and I didn't know. The judge just looked at me and said, "Well, ask that guy over there." That guy was a competitor standing across the aisle. Great!

And there ended my science fair adventures.

Lulu wants to test "if age affects the areas where certain tastes are detected on a tongue." She came up with this all on her own. We have a week to change our minds.

Do you have any favorite science fair projects from your childhood? Please - do share!


Grand Matriarch said...

Do you remember how upset you were that YOU had to shovel/measure the different types of manure? You were NOT happy about that.. hahaha!!

And you did not mention that you won an award for the moldy bread and had to represent your school at the county science fair.. you weren't happy about that either, as there was something else you would rather have done that evening!!

Nap Mom said...

Unfortunately, I do remember every bit of the great manure experiment.

I vaguely remember representing the school for the mold experiment. I was probably trying to block that out of my mind. :-) Additionally, I'm still trying to get over the fact that I missed a Bon Jovi concert for summer camp as well.

Mommy 24/7 said...

I seem to recall dropping eggs out of the barn. Did I do this with you?

Nap Mom said...

24/7 - No we didn't do this together. I did this before I got to MD. Would have been fun though!