Friday, February 6, 2009


Every Friday of the legislative session, someone from our office brings in donuts. Today was my day to bring them in - all 4 dozen of them.

I prepared my family to be ready for me to leave early in the morning, so that I could get the donuts for work. They insisted that I bring donuts for them too, which meant that I had to go out into the world and get the dounts and bring them back and then head back out into the world for the second time (at the crack of dawn).

I did as I was told. I got up bright and early, as the whole house was asleep. I got ready for work and walked to my local Dunkin' Donut shop. Yes, I walked; if I cut through the woods behind my house, I can get there and back in no time.

I bought the donuts and used a 50% off coupon (thanks Mom and Dad) from my coupon book - the highlight of my morning. Plus, I grabbed a vanilla latte for DH and myself.

On a side note, I know that we are in an economic downturn and that businesses are closing everywhere - including Starbucks. Well, two (not one, but two) Dunkin' Donuts have opened up in my neighborhood within the past year. And, judging from the crowd at the donut store this morning, America REALLY does run on Dunkin'. How many people can one Dunkin' Donut store hold at 6:30 in the morning? Apparently, a lot.

I crept back into the house - everyone still sleeping. I woke up my DH and told him that I had coffee and donuts waiting for him downstairs. He smiled. "Really?" he asked. Really! Then, I woke up little Lu and she was excited too. DH eats the cruellers and Lulu grabbed the glazed; I thought she would have grabbed the one with pink icing and sprinkles. Who knew?

I took the rest to work. Yum!

By the way, which coffee do you think is better Dunkin or Starbucks? I am NOT a Starbucks snob, but it is the preferred coffee store within walking distance to my office. The other coffee shop is less than clean. I only get the regular coffee - no yummy mochas for me (except for today) - so, it isn't that expensive. Confession: I don't even go to the coffee shop that often anymore; saving my $$ for the kids, ya know. Still, I was shocked to see that Dunkin is the preferred coffee.


Manic Mommy said...

Dunkin will do but it tastes burnt to me. I much prefer the boldness of Starbucks or any other bitter coffee. I'm a straight black coffee drinker. No fru fru for me either.

Grand Matriarch said...

We prefer the Dunkin coffee.. no reason. But we have sorry Dunkin stores and don't go there much. Our favorite is the actual dunking donut.. with the little holder on the side.. and they don't make that here.. Also, the MC store does not make their own.. they are brought down the night before from the Havelock store.. so much for fresh.. they are better in the local Lowes Food Store!