Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am an only child. I enjoy being an only child (for various reasons). Lulu was an only child until recently. This all seemed very normal to me.

Then, with the birth of Bro, I discovered the love of a sibling. Recently, I was tagged on facebook and asked to list 10 random things about me. One of my entries was, "Watching my children relate to each other as siblings has been one of my life's greatest joys." I have not stopped thinking about that statement ever since I wrote it and should have included sibling in my 's' list.

Just this morning DH and I were rushing to get out of the house. I ran downstairs and found this sight. Seriously, this is it folks. No posing here.

It melts my heart to see them together. Lulu has doted on Bro as much as any proud mother would. Bro, on the other hand, will let Lulu hold him all of the time - sometimes jumping out of my arms to get to her.

What do you think is better? Only child or siblings? Although, having said that, I still really don't feel the need to have a sibling in my life.


Anonymous said...

I grew up the oldest with a brother and sister. I could have done without both to put it simply. My mom said she knew I always wished I was an only child. Now, I have a 7 year old that is an only child. I am very happy with the arrangement (even though I can't have more children if I wanted due to health reasons.) I always wanted one and I got my girl!

Grand Matriarch said...

Many siblings enjoy a life long relationship. Many endure life long squabbles. Some actually despise each other from the beginning to the end. When you have multiple children you cannot dial in the relationship you would prefer. Count your blessings....

Katelyn said...

What a great picture! I have one brother. My parents are each one of six. I LOVED having cousins growing up, and I still do! I'm a little sad that my kids won't have as many as I did (my brother insists he will not be having any) but at least I'll have my cousin's kids...

As for my baby girl, I had a dream the other night that Brooklyn had a baby sister, and she looked just like her, weird. I don't think I'll try again until she's two...if my back problems permit me to try again at all. I'd be happy with just her if that's how it has to be ;)

Mim said...

I have a brother and a sister. So of course for me the family wasn't complete until kid number 3 came along. Which is odd really because I don't have a wonderful, best friends type relationship with either of my siblings.

I'm told my sister and I were very good mates when we were little (and I'm sure that's true) but I don't remember much of that. What I remember about my sister was that we shared no interests and she sneered at my friends, at my passions and at my life choices and I got on really well with her while she was living in Holland - which is about as far as it's possible to get from Sydney :P We're now pretty sure she's bipolar (Dad is and there are just too many similarities) which of course explains a lot.

My brother is 6 years younger than me and by the time he came along I'd discovered the world of books and my sister (2 years younger than me) was the one who mostly played with him. I get on just fine with him but there's no particularly close bond.

I do love them both but I find it easier to do so when I don't have to spend too much time with them!