Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunflower Still Life

I just read Lulu's school newsletter where they noted that they have been uploading the students' artwork onto Artsonia.

Once I got to Artsonia I did the appropriate searches and found this picture. I knew immediately that it was Lulu's. I love this picture. It was drawn in chalk. I am hoping to have it framed so that we can display it at home.

So, Artsonia is so great because the school uploads the artwork. From there, her friends and family can register as "fans" of her work. And, of course, we can also add her artwork to coffee mugs, shirts, and so on. However, the great part is that I can share this picture with you. She is so critical of her artwork and I really, really loved this picture. I'm so glad that Lulu's school put this on the web.

I mean, I know that she isn't the next Renoir (or whatever that guy's name was) but I just really, really like this picture. Plus, it really, really bothers me that the artwork comes home just shoved into a bookbag because then it gets wrinkled and ruined. This one made it home safe and sound.


Katelyn said...

It's beautiful! I'm glad you shared it :)

Mim said...

Reminds me a bit of Van Gogh actually :)

That Artsonia website is a brilliant idea.

ms. mindless said...

how cool! i love the drawing!

Grand Matriarch said...

Once again, the artistic talent runs in the family with some of them quite talented. Of course somebody got skipped.. guess who? It's a good thing I look so much like my mother.. otherwise it would seem like the hospital gave her the wrong baby!

Claire Kayser said...

This painting is FABULOUS! I'm a painting teacher of adults and, oh how my students would love to paint as simply and loosely as this!

Hope it framed and hanging somewhere prominent!