Sunday, February 22, 2009

5 Random Questions

Five Random Questions

One of my blog friends tagged me with 5 random questions. Here are her answers to the 5 random questions that she was given.

OK - here are the questions that she tagged me with as well as my answers.

1. How did you find my blog, and why do you read it?

I don't remember how I found your blog. If I had to guess, I would say that you must have left a comment on another blog that I read. I saw your comment and then found your blog from there. Or, maybe I read a blog that links to your blog either (1) on their side bar or (2) maybe they mentioned you in one of their posts.

I read your blog because you seem friendly, you have a daughter roughly the same age as my son, and we seem to have a somewhat similar lifestyle (both working moms, married, love to take pictures of and write about our children, and so on).

2) I know you like to cook, what is your favorite kind of food, both to make, and to eat?

I do like to cook. I love to eat pasta. Love, love, love to eat pasta. I love baked goods... all kinds of baked goods. I would choose a cookie over any piece of candy any day!

Lately, I have been making and eating lots of quesadillas. It seems that I will make a quesadilla out of anything. Really, this topic needs its own post. My most favorite recent concoction was my bacon cheeseburger quesadilla. I browned the meat with my favorite homemade hamburger spices. I cooked the bacon till it was crisp. I added the meat, bacon, and cheddar cheese to a wrap and cooked it in a pan. Yum! We added sour cream to ours and it was so good. Slurp!

3) How have you changed since you've had children?

Wow! Lots! I was young when I had my little Lulu. I had to grow up quickly when I had her. Having said that, I have noticed one big change with me since I had Bro. That is, I am more laid back than I was before. I'm still a little high strung (type A) but I have learned to slow down and to really appreciate my time with him and, thus, with Lulu. In the past, when I had been doing things with Lulu, I would think about all of the productive/constructive things that I should be doing. Now, for some reason, I don't worry about the things on my to-do list - they aren't that important.

4) What is one thing you'd like me to know about you?

This is a really tough question. What one thing would I really want anyone to know about me? Seriously... I am just sitting here thinking... this is kinda like asking me what is the meaning of life? What one thing would I want anyone to know about me?

I want you to know that I love my family. I love my dear husband, even though you wouldn't know how much I love him by reading my blog because it is all about the children (more about DH in question #5).

I love my children; and, when I write about them it is not to brag (because I know that everyone's children are equally as special), but I write to show how excited I am to have them in my life and to experience this life with them (and because my grandma reads my blog and she actually is quite interested in what might seem like day-to-day ramblings to everyone else).

I love my parents. I write about them because I love to see them interact with my kids. It warms my heart to see pictures of them and to write about them - I miss them when they are not with me.

I love my grandma (Grand Matriarch) because she has done so much to shape me into who I am today. She is one of my most favorite people on the whole planet and can do no wrong in my eyes.

I love them all. I love all of my family... there are soooooooo many! I won't even begin to list them all, but each and every one of them is dear to me! So, in short, I love my family and I am inspired to write about them and share them with my extended family, my friends, and, from time to time, some strangers too.

5) I'll recycle one: If you met your husband 10 years before you did, would you have hit it off?

This is a great question. My husband and I have known each other since high school. We also worked together at a local video store during that time. I knew him very well. I did not like him at all. He pestered me - he pestered me all of the time. Years later he confessed that he did this because he liked me. Isn't that 3rd grade behavior, not high school behavior?

Nonetheless, we lost contact when we went off to high school. Years later, he contacted my mom (real estate agent) to help him buy a house. She was all giggles when she met with him. Finally I told her, in my most sassy voice, "MAWM - we are talking about DH for crying out loud." "Well, he's all grown up!" was her reply.

So, DH and I casually went out to lunch one day just to talk about all times. I was not too interested in the lunch but I went anyways. Uh... he was all grown up. So, we hung out casually as friends for several months before we started dating and then we got married.

I am hardly deserving of such a wonderful person in my life. I still think that he is so handsome (because he is), he still makes me laugh, I still love to share my day with him and listen about his day, he treats me like a princess... everyday, and more. sigh! Nonetheless, sometimes it is hard to think that he is the rascally high schooler who used to pick on me all of the time... pick - pick - pick - pick!

Thanks for the great questions. Anyone else wanna play? (Mim already answered her 5 questions.) If so, leave me a comment letting me know that you want 5 questions and I'll send them your way.

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Katelyn said...

Yay! Thanks for playing! Great answers!!! It's harder to come up with questions than I thought...can you come up with 5 for me?

Sarah @ said...

Ooh, I've been on a quesdailla kick lately too. I might have to try your latest concoction. I did the lazy version of "put cheese on tortilla with leftover bacon from yesterday's breakfast" and that was pretty good, so your version must be unbelievable =)

Grand Matriarch said...

You didn't mention that your DH was at that fantastic "sweet 16" birthday party of yours.. I think that's neat!

I guess I am the one and only person in this family (for generations!) who does not like to cook? I hate to see the stove turned on and we use the oven for a breadbox! I do pull the bread out sometimes and cook in there... I try not to make it a habit!

Thanks for saying the nice things about me.. I love you blog! Keep up the good work.. and lets see Bro walk!