Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo Contest - opinion needed

One of my favorite bloggers found the cutest photo site (i ♥ Faces) and she has been blogging about it ever since. What I really like about i faces is (1) it is a place for beginner photographers, like me, to feel comfortable and (2) she has great tutorials on improving my photos and I don't have to have the whole photoshop package to be able to use the tips and tricks that she shares.

Additionally, i faces has a photo contest every week. I've been wanting to enter the contest, but have not for a variety of reasons:

(1.) I am creatively challenged, in my opinion, and I need to see what types of photos people are submitting before I just jump right out there and submit my photo in a contest;
(2.) I never seem to have enough time to submit my pictures between the time that the contest topic is announced and the deadline to submit the picture; and
(3.) even if I did have enough time to get a picture on her site, I certainly don't have enough time to stage a certain shot to go with the certain weekly theme - no, no time for THAT.

Problems solved.

re#1 - She announced a category for beginners, which isn't so intimidating for me.
re#2 & 3 - If I was a little more observant, I would have noticed that she identifies her themes ahead of time on her blog. Whoops!

This week's theme is creative crop. Uh....... {silence} what the heck kinda crop could I do to my picture that would be soooooo creative. I'm not entering this week's contest. I just don't get it - creative crop? Not me.

However, next week's theme is Green. I suppose that the theme is to go along with St. Patrick's Day. I wondered what picture I could take that fits the Green theme, until I remembered this day and these two pictures:

#1 Boy with Hat

#2 Boy Eats Grass

The question is... which photo should I enter in the Green theme contest? Photo #1 or photo #2? What do you think?

My thoughts...

#2 Boy Eats Grass - my gut was to go with #2 because this is a funny face and it has more green in it. However, maybe this is a face that "only a mother could love."

#1 Boy With Hat - a much cuter face, you must admit, but not that interesting overall.

Please leave a comment and tell me which photo you like best.


Katelyn said...

Yay! I think you could actually "creatively crop" that first picture. Just crop it so that only his face and hat are in the frame. In reality, MOST photos should be cropped some to add balance and focus. I think the bottom one is a perfect entry for green.

Nap Mom said...

Katelyn - you crack me up! I have been reading and taking notice of your posts. I definitely noticed the rounded corners for your pictures, but didn't want you to get mad if I copied. I have followed all of your links to see what those great (and FREE) sites are all about. How did you find I heart faces - because it is just perfect.

OK - let me see if I can crop that little guy when I get home tonight.

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

I think the second picture is SOOOO cute, but the first one is probably a little more croppable. Good luck!

Mommy 24/7 said...

Ummm...Picture 2. You don't have to crop for next week, right? It's adorable!

Katelyn said...

Haha, you're silly! I would never be mad about that. In fact, I'd be a bit flattered ;) If you ever want to know how or why I did something let me know. I'm a teacher, I get a kick out of that sort of thing :)