Friday, August 22, 2008

What I Did Today, by Bro

slept in.


took a morning siesta.

went to the park.

played on a swing...

that was too big for me.

sat on a blanket, in the shade.

met some strangers friends...

who took my picture with mommy.

ate a picnic lunch.

tried on a hat.

ate some grass.

went home and read some books.

played with mommy's camera.

had a dirty diaper (pic not included and thank gooness that this isn't smell-ivision).

took a nap...

while mommy was supposed to take care of this...

but blogged instead.


MitziKai said...

Love the grass pic. I guess he's not a salad kinda guy. :)

Grand Matriarch said...

He's adorable, but better you than me!!

ms. mindless said...

so fun! he is way too cute.