Monday, August 4, 2008


By the way, aside from the outfits, we looked just like this in our living room this weekend.

OK - our wonderful neighbors are out of town. They go on a Disney vacation once every season and we watch their cat while they are gone. These same neighbors have a NES Wii and all of the games and accessories to go with it. We asked if we could borrow some of their games while they were gone. Fine. Well, actually, they called while they were away and we said, "By the way, can we play with some of Robert's Wii games?" Being the WONDERFUL neighbors that they are (did I mention that already) they said yes!

OK - have your ever heard of Guitar Hero? Here is a simple explanation of the basic concept of Guitar Hero. If you ever even sorta imagined yourself as a rock star (or even a pop star) then you will love this game. We played Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock all weekend long. Some of us (my husband) even played until the wee hours of the morning. We had a great time. You haven't even seen anything until you've seen Lulu jamming out to: Pat Benetar's Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Kiss' Rock and Roll All Night, and Alice Cooper's School's Out. Hah! Hubby liked the Santana and I liked some of the old Poison tunes. Oh, and who can forget Guns-N-Roses! Hah!!!

Some of my favorite moments from the weekend include these sayings:

"If the neighbors are complaining about the noise, just turn up the volume until they move away" GH III

"Turn that amp up, my ears are barely even bleeding." GH III

"Smashed guitars just seem to sound better than their unsmashed brethren." GH III

I have pics and videos of the weekend. Stay tuned as they will be uploaded shortly!

Unleash your inner rockstar. Rock on!

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