Monday, August 4, 2008


Can you find the grammar mistakes in the signs below???

Read this recent e-mail from my grandma and then I'll comment!

"I am really enjoying your blog and you do a great job with it.. but I am a wee bit critical here and there.. I wasn't going to say anything, but you did one misstep that works my last nerve...
"The way that my grandma edits pictures. Don't let her get a pic of your head because she'll paste it on top of any body. Your a mother one day and a dancing elf the next!" (Funny..hahaha!!!)
It is the second "your".. the first your means ownership... like your pictures, your sweater, etc. The second your should be you're, which means you are..
And, while I am at it, technically smores are s'mores.. It is short for some more, because they are so good! The apostrophe means letters are missing.."

I can't get enough of her! She is the reason why I have an English degree. She is the reason why I say, "Emily and I went to the mall" instead of "Emily and me went to the mall." She is the reason why I know to always list myself as last. How many times would I tell a story when I was younger and I would use incorrect English when referring to the people in the story and Grandma would just say, "Who?" and I would correct myself. Seriously, ask my husband or my daughter, I am always asking, "Who?" to get Lulu to correct her grammar.

Another favorite of Grandma's and mine is the use of the word 'at.' You know, 'never end a sentence with at.' It just kills me when someone ends a sentence in 'at.' Thanks Grandma!

She is right! She is SOOOOO right! Thanks Grandma!

While I am at it, I think that there is a way to allow my reader to edit my text so maybe I will get that working for Grandma! I don't want her nerves to be too unsettled.

Disclaimer: The author of this public document does know correct English but sometimes is too excited to get her work posted to make time to do all of the editing that she should. Not a very good excuse, I know! She will do better!

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Redparrot53 said...

Love your BLOG!
I'm a really GOOD friend of your Grandma and I KNOW exactly what you are talking about the elf heads! ROFL...she has done it to me many times!! hee hee
She is a WONDERFUL lady and keeps our PSP group in stitches most of the time, you seem to have her great sense of humor!
Keep up the good work but watch that GRAMMAR or the your GRAMMAR will be after ya...
God Bless