Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to school traditions

Since one of my favorite nephews is getting ready to go back to school, it made me start thinking about back to school traditions. Our only tradition is that I cry the whole morning. Not really... but kinda. All joking aside we have a fancy breakfast, of course, and take the first day pictures. Here are some of our previous pics for you to view.
1st Grade...

... with her big bright orange sticker designating where she goes after school.

2nd grade. I see that some teeth are missing.

3rd grade.

A very cool 4th grader.

Guess what else I noticed when I looked back on these pictures? Check out our garden in the background from first grade to 4th grade. Hah!!! Also, we now place the back-to-school flag in our garden as well; it's a tradition too!

Here are some other great back to school ideas. If you use one of these ideas or have an idea of your own then please share.

Moody family makes egg in a nest toast and eggs for breakfast, but in the shape of a star instead (because the students will shine brightly in class - get it?).

Cook With Me serves a very unique back to school breakfast including pencils and scrambled brains (from all of the studying that they will do).

Scribblescraps has some easy back to school photo tips.

Messy Life gives their older students money for clothes shopping and encourages them to look for deals. hmmm...

Finally, Tip Junkie has loads of ideas and tips to get your year off to a great start.

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MitziKai said...

We don't have any 'back to school' traditions ... yet ... but I do have a general school tradition. After Leroy (the dog) ate Evan's lunchbox last year I had to use a paper bag. It was too plain so I drew a little something on it. I made Evan and Logan bags for the rest of the year, every day trying to tie into something they were doing at school. I even did a Horton (in the spirit of your recent blog posts) for his Dr. Seuss week last year. I've just finished his first picture bag for first grade -- a boy with a backpack standing waiting for the bus. Visit my blog to check it out!