Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blog from my family

Where to begin...

Let me just put this out to you. I am busy. I am very busy. I blog at midnight because that is my bit of free time. When I am not blogging, I am cooking, grocery shopping, nursing an infant (rather time consuming I might add), doing homework, learning dance moves from my daughter, changing diapers, and so on and so on. Those of you who are mothers understand this.

Well, I happen to be fortunate enough to have a husband who is great with cleaning the house. He is the first to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, clean the dishes, and so on. Now, I am not enjoying free time while he does this, I am... see list above.

Well, the other night, while the family was watching the Olympics, I went to get the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming (during commercial). Well, dear husband had to look at me like I was crazy and said, "Oh, so you do know how to use the vacuum cleaner." Ha ha ha. Then he says, "Let's blog about this!" (Since everything in my house is open to blogging nowadays.) Of course, my dear daughter does NOT defend me but rather she runs to get her digital recorder so that she can have record of mommy vacuuming, for the blog.

So, yes mommy is blogging that mommy can use the vacuum cleaner. There you have it. I hope that they are happy! Where's the video you ask? Oh dear - it was late at night and mommy was in her pjs at the time - so no video today.

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