Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics again

Where to begin? 'Go Michael Go' - comes to mind. I'm an Olympic junkie again this year. Lulu, dear husband, and I were up all hours of the night watching the Olympics, last night. Lulu has decided that she wants to be in the Olympics. First she said that she wants to be a gymnast but then she decided that she doesn't want to be a gymnast because, as she says, "I've never broken a bone or sprained anything and I want to keep that record!" Hah!

As a mother, I like the little clips that NBC does on the background of the Olympians and their dedication to their sports. Many of them admittedly have given up friends and, in some cases, family to be an Olympian. I thought that it was good for Lulu to see the dedication that it takes (and that some endure) to achieve their goals. Not that I think that Lulu is going to be an Olympian but she was watching with very wide-eyes!

I've been watching here for all of the Olympics coverage updates.
Are you just as fascinated as I am by the swim cube that they are using for the games. Bubbles, were the inspiration for the cube. In this article, Carfrae of Arup outlines the engineering factors which led to the competition-winning Beijing Olympic Swimming Centre.

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