Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of school is here again. First, we had "meet the teacher day." Here is the hallway to Lulu's class. I say Lulu not only because that is her blog name and nickname among friends, but it has become her school name as I told her teacher that she wants to be called 'Lulu.' At this age, does she even have the right to make those decisions? (sigh)

We are so proud of our brand new school. Not "new" as in "new to us," but "new" as in a "never been used before."

Any teacher who has Michael Phelps on her achievement board is A-OK in my book!

Here's the teacher's desk. Looks like she's been busy already.

Here is the library...

... and the computer lab.

Due to the luck of redistricting, Lulu's friend from when she was a baby is in her school this year as well. Yippee!

And, here are the pics from the morning of Lulu's first day of school 2008.

All dressed and ready to go!

Thanks for the scrumptious pancakes, Daddy-d.

Lulu, hanging the traditional back-to-school garden flag.

No, this is NOT the bookbag from my bookbag post. I was, once again, foiled by Daddy Warbucks who bought a much cooler Armour All Under Armour pack. My feelings aren't hurt. I'll exchange the lousy pack that I got her for some outrageous and fun much needed school clothes.

Can't wait to hear all about her day!


MitziKai said...

She's so grown up! And what a snazzy school. :) I'm jealous!

ms. mindless said...

how long did it take to decide on the first day of school outfit?