Thursday, July 24, 2008

Save money: A tip from Lulu

This I simply must share.

I picked Lulu up from summer camp and she says, "Mom, I've been thinking of a way that we can save money."

My thoughts, "HAH, does this include selling your brother, mommy getting a second job, or the ever-profitable lemonade stand?"

I said, "Oh yeah - what's that honey?"

"Well," she continues, "when we buy a bookbag for school then we should buy a cool bookbag that will last a few years instead of buying a popular kind that will only last one year."

Note: We have already purchased the book bag for this upcoming school year (see above pic).

"You know," she continues, "I got the Kim Possible one in 1st grade and that won't work now. I got the Hillary Duff one in 2nd grade and that won't work now. Last years book bag (note: an over one shoulder High School Musical bag that she HAD to have and it busted mid-year but I didn't replace it to prove my point) is not an option. So, we should buy one like you already got me and then it will last a few years.

My reply, "Yeah - I like the way you're thinking!"

Her point is, instead of buying a trendy bookbag that would be out of style after a year, that we should buy one that will last awhile. Love her! Granted, they are so hard on their bookbags at this age that you can't expect it to last more than a year, but at least she is thinking!!!!


ms. mindless said...

buy her a bookbag from ll bean. they will replace anything that that doesn't last. they will replace a bookbag that is 5 years old. and, i love how she is getting smart like her mommy!

Nap Mom said...

Did NOT know that! Thanks! I'll definitely pass that along to others as well.