Thursday, July 24, 2008

Conversation at dinner

We have these conversation cards at our kitchen table. They have little questions on them that promote conversation. This is much better than the worn out, "How was your day today sweetheart?" conversation starter.

Each of us selects a card and reads our card. Each of us gets to answer every question. Thus, we are discussing 3 topics each night.

Last night's question was: Who is your hero and what qualities do you like about them?

Here is how we answered.

Daddy-D: Dale Earnhardt Jr because he started from nothing and ended up being someone.

Mommy: Katie Couric (well, I was trying to think of a career mom who has it all together. She is the only career mom, who came to mind, that we all know.)

Lulu: My family because without them I wouldn't know everything that I know.

Round two.

Dana: Albert Einstein because he was so smart and for his inventions.

Mommy: Benjamin Franklin for his inventions. (Note: I was already trying to think of an inventor BEFORE DH came up with his person.)

Lulu: I know who nobody has mentioned yet - Jesus - because he died on the cross for us!

Who is your hero and what do you like about that person? Leave a comment and let me know! If you share this table topic with your family tonight then let us know what THEY said too!

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