Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mexi Night

Ever get bored of the same old menu. For us it is: spaghetti, tacos, pork chops, sloppy joes, and so on. Literally, 3 out of 5 nights we are eating one of those meals for dinner. So, my goal is to prepare 2 new meals a month. Hey, I'm baby-stepping here. This week I was inspired by "Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller" from the Food Network. Ms. Miller usually prepares several meals that you can heat up throughout the week.

Last night we had her, Island Quesadillas with Lime Sour Cream. Except that I forgot to make the lime sour cream. Delicious! I modified the recipe a bit. We grilled 2 large chicken breasts (no marinade, just grill them). In a separate pan I sauteed red onion slices, yellow pepper slices, and strips of Old El Paso brand chili peppers from a can (instead of the poblano peppers frmo the show, which are listed as jalapeno peppers on the site). Nonetheless, it was delic and you would never know that it was peppers from a can.

Once you have all of that cooked up then you take a tortilla shell and fill it with the amount of chicken and peppers/onions that you want. Top the mixture with your fav cheese (we used shredded cheddar and mozz) and then fold the tortilla over to make a little pocket with the stuff inside. Cook this in a large frying pan (no need to use butter or oil) 'til it browns on both sides. Wa-la! Delicious! Fantastico! Top with sour cream and toppings as needed.

Picture Courtesy of Food Network

We also made her Salsa Rice with Black Beans and Corn. Wonderful and so easy! Make your basic white rice. Once the rice is finished then spoon in some of your favorite salsa, to taste. I prepared rice for 3 servings and probably put about 1/3 cup of salsa in the rice. Then, I added one drained can of sweet corn and 1/2 drained can of black beans. Stir. Enjoy! That was easy!

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