Monday, July 7, 2008

A July 4 Wedding

What a great weekend. Lulu was a bridesmaid in E's July 4 wedding overlooking the harbor. Despite the rain, we did get in an outside ceremony and the much anticipated fireworks! Thank you Mother Nature! Bro enjoyed his first fireworks display and dancing the night away! Lulu was a hoot and definitely has better dancing moves then her mom! What am I going to do with that girl?

An update on Bro... he has decided that he has to be held when he is trying to go to sleep. You put him down and he cries. You pick him up and he falls fast asleep, and so on and so forth. Ugh! He is now rolling over onto his stomach when he sleeps and is actually sleeping much better this way. That's 'cause he's like his mommy who likes to sleep on her stomach too! He is sitting up by himself and reaching for everything!

I also need to give a little plug to my DH (that's my dear husband). In truth I tell him that he missed his calling; he should have been a chef. In another life he was a "concoction king." He makes these crazy food concoctions all of the time and 99% of the time they are great! This is doubly wonderful for me because he eats all of the bits of leftovers from the frig that Lulu and I don't want to to eat. (Sorry Dad!) So, DH puts these bits of food on a wrap with some sort of condiment (or mixture on condiments) and eats it. Seriously, I can't give you an example of a recent strange combination but when I see one I will let you know.

His latest attempt was last night with the cole slaw. For those of you who do not know, I have had several failed attempts at making coleslaw over the past few years. I decided to go to "the lady" (Paula Deen, as if you had to ask) and follow her recipe! Great! Wonderful! Very delcious! (Ok, not so very delicious for poor Bro because I ate the slaw and then nursed Bro and he was gassy for days!) I digressed... So, here we have DH in the kitchen and he is going to make use of the other half of the 3 POUND bag of shredded cabbage that he bought from a local discount warehouse grocery store. I mean, yes I was going to make cole slaw but how much slaw can two people eat? Keep in mind that DH also grabbed "the lady"s recipe from my recipe box. Fast forward- he has made the cole slaw and it is marinating in the frig. I try a bite... he looks at me...

drum roll please...

He added cinnamon and nutmeg to the coleslaw!!!!! He says that he wanted to spice it up a bit!!!!! Who adds cinnamon and nutmeg to coleslaw????? I'm trying to be open minded her but really... who does that? I assure him that even Rachael Ray has made the same food palette blunder from time to time! When he makes a great concoction, as he often does, I'll let you know!!!!

Oh, I have been corrected. There are, apparently, plenty of cinnamon coleslaw recipes online. You can find them here, and here, and here! Well, certainly I'll have to pass this along. DH will love to know that he is right... again!

Happy 4th!

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