Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cole Slaw Update

This is an update on the July 7 entry titled "July 4 Wedding."

Last night, DH decides that he is going to eat the aforementioned "cinnamon" cole slaw. He tells me that he added cinnamon apple sauce to the slaw and that it is rather tasty. I asked him if he read my blog. Note: because if he had read my blog then he would see links to other cinnamon apple sauce recipes. He said that he did NOT read my blog but that he thought that the apple sauce would sweeten the cole slaw! WHAT? So, I confessed that I actually found recipes online for cinnamon apple coleslaw. DH just grinned! Who would have thought of that? So, you might try it... or maybe, like me, you'll just stick to the regular cole slaw!

P.S. Bro has been waking up through the night the past few days. Why is that? Growth spurt? Teething? Mommy is sleepy!

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