Monday, July 28, 2008


Ahhhh... had a great, fun, and busy weekend. We went to 2 birthday parties. The Saturday party was for the son of a friend of my hubby. Bro was one of (seemingly) 2 dozen babies there between the ages fo 6 - 18 months. A lady at the party made the cutest cupcake/cake that I will have to share with you in later post. Then, on Sunday we went to a pool party for a neighbor of ours. It rained when we first got there, but then we had lunch and opened presents the skies cleared and we were able to go in the pool!

On a side note, the pool in the above pic was NOT the pool that we swam in over the weekend, but it is the only pool that I could find in the clip art that would work with my collage.

Tonight, one of my most favorite people is coming to my house for dinner!!!!! She calls me Minderella. Get it? Like Cinderella! Love her!

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