Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lulu Goes to Camp

Regretfully, due to the recent addition to the family, I was unable to go to our favorite summer camp with Lulu this year. As luck would have it, Daddy Warbucks volunteered to go AND be a counselor. Well, Lulu finally got over being home sick and they both enjoyed their week. This year they were able to go on a field trip to some of the local tourist areas. Lulu was mining for gold and actually came back with a piece as well as a plethora of various gems including the state gem. Cool!

The highlights of her trip were the talent show (Lulu was a stand-up comedian for her own act) and that John asked her to the dance. Apparently, he asked Daddy Warbucks ahead of time for his permission to ask Lulu to the dance. Daddy Warbucks said that this was 'admirable' of John and that he would be proud to have his daughter go to the dance with John. What a hoot! I am told that none of the boys danced at the dance (typical) and barely spoke to their dates at that. Ah - the memories!
Here is a picture of her camp shirt. She was so proud of her work.


MitziKai said...

Oh no! Boys asking for dates. YIKES!

ms. mindless said...

so, are boys allowed to ask girls on dates at a jesus camp (was it a religious camp?)???

Nap Mom said...

Wow! Two comments about this topic of boys asking girls to the dance. The dance IS controversial and some years, depending on the dean, they are not permitted to have the dance. It's totally innocent. They wear their camp clothes (EM wore her crocs for goodness sake). Mostly the girls dance and the boys goof off. There is the opportunity to do something else besides the dance, but this is the main activity for that time slot. But, yes, as soon as the kids get to camp the question is who-is-asking-who to the dance. I'll put up some pics as soon as my grandma sends them to me.