Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dinner guests

Dinner was great. It was a rare opportunity for me to enjoy some soft shell crabs - a favorite from when I was a kid as my grandmother (and my cousin Robert) can attest to. Yum! My wonderful aunt loved my corn pudding which I cook to make it more like a moist corn bread. I know the finished product, from the previous post, looks like "a rat got into it" but it is actually quite good.

Our compliments to the grill master for her excellent "easy peasy" take on soft shell crabs.

Corn bread, edamames, salad, and crabs.

We played Wii Sports to work off our dinner. Lulu slept through most of it because she had a headache. I guess she's been partying like a rock star at her dad's house. :-)

Bro in his hat that he got from aunt Meeka.

Look at this wonderful strawberry shortcake.

The end.

Editor's note to all of Lulu's adoring fans: Poor Lulu has been partying like a rock star and was recuperating during this event. Her manager has released a statement saying that 'she is feeling fine now and will be featured again in future posts. She sends her loves and hopes to see you all soon!'

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