Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It was a great day to be a blogger...

OK. Several great and surprising things happened to me today, concerning this blog.

1. Pink of Perfection (remember her from my happiness list post) e-mailed me to say that she read my post (shocker) and liked my collages (what?). Honestly, I only participated because it seemed like fun. I never really expected her to read. Who knew?

2. A person whom I have never met before commented on my blog. Read redparrot's comments under the August 4 post. Love her! I leave comments on my friends' blogs (grammar check: meaning, I have many friends and each of the aforementioned friends has a blog - correct?). So, it was great to get an unexpected comment. Thanks redparrot!

Moving on...

3. Someone from Columbia (as in South America) read my blog today. I already know that it is my dear friend 'the world traveler'. We were friends in high school and we recently reconnected through facebook. Nonetheless, she is in Columbia now and so I am sure it was her. Either way, I was very excited to see that little flag on the map next to Columbia and to know that someone was reading from so far away. Hey, it's the little things that make me happy.

How very cool. Three touches by three people in different parts of the world all coming together. What did I do before internet?????

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Anonymous said...

Red Parrot lives in Missouri