Thursday, August 28, 2008

All the Better To Eat You With My Dear!

All the Better to Eat You With My Dear? No, I'm not referring to the famous quote from the Big Bad Wolf to Little Red Riding Hood. I AM referring to little Bro who now has his first tooth. Yippee! After 5 days of sleepless days and nights, the tooth is finally here with another one soon on the way.

To distract the little man from his misery, Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat invited us to go out for dinner on the water.

Fairy Grandmother packed a great dinner (which I forgot to take pics of) and we headed out. We had a beautiful evening and we took the obligatory pics of Bro's first time on the boat. After many attempts to get a decent pic,

... we got this one!
Bro got a little sleepy following his session with the paparazzi.

We spent some time catching up with Grand Matriarch and, after eating and relaxing, we headed back home,
but not before stopping to take pics of the oyster sanctuary where Lulu and Luvs2Boat's oysters were planted.
Great pic of Luvs2boat.
Can't wait to go back out again!

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