Monday, September 1, 2008

Lemonsticks and Strategy Games

We had a fabulous weekend. First, Lulu and I went school shopping and got loads of great clothes. Most of what she picked out was already on sale AND Fairy Grandmother gave us a 20% off coupon as well! Yeah!

Saturday, we made lemonsticks. These are a Baltimore tradition. Lulu's Girl Scout troop is planning on selling them at the local craft fair next month, so she wanted to try them out. When she was finished she made "lemon lips."

Saturday night we played a new game of Lulu's. The game has real shooting catapults and everything. The goal is to knock over all of your oponent's men before they knock over yours. Here are pics of Dear Husband and Lulu setting up their respective forts. Notice that Dear Husband set up his barriers across the front of his fort, while Lulu clumped her barriers together and stacked them for better defense.

Whew! So much fun!

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