Friday, September 26, 2008

The Last One

Those of us with good manners adhere to the rule of the "last one." That is, we never take the "last one" of any food product. As you strut past the tray of crab cakes at the annual summer fiesta, you look to see how many are left and wouldn't be caught taking "the last one." Even at home, you have a few pretzels left in the snack bag, the last bit of milk in the jug, and the one reeses peanut butter cup in the candy bowl... from LAST HALLOWEEN! Why? Because you, being so kind, don't want to take "the last one" and you have trained your family that good manners are to leave "the last one" for someone else.

I know that you all do this.

The rule of the "last one" plays out daily at the office. There is always one mint left in the jar, one cookie on the plate, or, in this case, one piece of cake left in the box (see pic). Are you kidding me? How hilarious is this picture?

This is the problem. Stick with me here. When you take the second to last one, you are, in fact, taking the "last one." Why? Because nobody is going to get to eat anymore now that the second to last one is gone. For example, in this picture I helped myself to someone took the second to last piece of cake. This bite piece that you see pictured will be thrown away at the end of the day. Or, as in MY case, I will wait until the end of the day (when most of my co-workers have left) and secretly scavage it for myself before tossing the box in the trash... not wanting to be caught eating the "last one" as well as the second to last one.

Do you see my point? The point is that NOW I can't even eat the second to last one because then I am, in essence, eating the last bite because nobody is going to eat the "last one."

Don't believe me? Try it out. Keep eating the second to last one... at holiday parties, at office parties, and at home (depending on your housemates) and see what happens. The "last one" just sits there and rots! If you try this then leave us all a comment on how it worked out.

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ms. mindless said...

i will shamelessly eat the second to last or last piece of anything. i guess that's why i'm so fat.