Monday, September 29, 2008

Style Tour Bus - Day Two

So, Lulu wore her hair to school today and was proud as a peacock. Everyone loved her hair. Except, one boy. She told me, "Eveyone loved my hair, except for David." I said, "oh yeah - what did he have to say?" His response to seeing her hair was, "Hey Lulu - bad hair day?" To which she replied, without skipping a beat, "No - and you?"

Hah! She is too much.

She finally took the shower that she was supposed to take on Thursday, but didn't because of Survivor. Then she was supposed to take it on Friday, but didn't because she cheered a night game and was tired when she got home. Then was she was supposed to take it on Saturday but didn't because she had a friend sleep over. Finally, she was supposed to take the shower on Sunday, but didn't because... we were preserving the hair.

Luckily, we got a shower tonight!

Looking forward to a day at home with the kids tomorrow - no school!

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