Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dinner with Friends

Oh, so much to say and so little time. OK - we went over to a friend's house the other night for a get together. These aren't just ANY friends. This was a get together of friends from forever ago. We were celebrating a homecoming for Top Chef's daughter, Butterfly, who has been away for far to long. I call her Butterfly because I have known her for as long as I can remember. I've seen her go through so many changes in life and develop into the young lady whom I met last night. Butterfly, if you are reading, it was so good to see you and to hug you. You looked great! Keep up the good work!

Where to begin... first off, we had a marvelous dinner prepared by none other than our favorite Top Chef. She is so aptly named because she is an excellent cook. She makes everything great, from meats to cakes and vegetables and everything inbetween. Last night she did not disappoint. Thanks for a great meal and fun time Top Chef.

See her great Key Lime Chiffon cake here?
And the close-up here?

Yummy. Very mouth watering. Nap mom and Dear husband will try to recreate it sometime. We'll see how that goes.

Another highlight to the evening was visiting with Bro's cousin close friend Jay Bird. Look at these cute boys; no, you are NOT seeing double.

To make a 10 year story short, we have known Jay Bird's family since his sister, Gator, and Lulu were babies. Here's my proof.

Now, here are the girls again, 10 years later! Gator is the same best friend mentioned in this post, but not pictured. Now, I have parental permission to blog her pic.

I can't resist adding this pic of them at a Girl Scout event. Are they cute or what?

It was so great to see the boys together (and for me to get a glimpse of what the next few months will be like for me, since Jay Bird is a few months older than Bro). Don't let the steady boys in this picture fool you. Went went through all of this (and more)...

to get this...
I wish that I had video of Jay Bird and his "so big" routine. I know, all babies do the "so big" thing but Jay Bird was especially cute!!!!!

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