Friday, September 26, 2008

Quarter Cup

Speaking of oatmeal... I just have to share this. I have a set of measuring cups that came from Dear Husband's grandmother's house. She loved to bake (as do I) and her measuring cups were passed down to dear husband moi!

I have been missing my "quarter cup" for quite some time now. At first I assumed that it was in the dishwasher, in the back of the silverware drawer, or lost in our spatula/tongs drawer. I have resorted to accusing dear husband of taking it and not putting it back and have now threatened to 'lose' some of his stuff if he doesn't STOP taking my stuff. I had recently decided to add a quarter cup to my Christmas wish list because my quarter cup was gone forever.

Hah! Look what I found when I opened up my oatmeal?

Ah! It's my quarter cup! Quarter cup - I missed you!!!!!

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Fairy Grandmother said...

Luvs2boat and I have oatmeal most every morning...we love to pile it high with fresh berries. Your applesauce idea sounds good. A chef friend of mine told me to cook oatmeal with apple juice. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to.