Thursday, September 25, 2008

New and Interesting Tidbits from the Blogs that I Read

You may not know that I am currently tracking over 100 several blogs through google reader. If you read more than a few blogs, on a regular basis, then I highly recommend 'subscribing' to the blogs through the reader. Instead of checking back to each blog, day after day, you will only need to check with google reader and you will clearly see which blogs have been updated. It is, in fact, a timesaver.

You will see that my blog has a sidebar segment of "shared items." These shared items come directly from the blogs that I read. If I find something interesting then I can just add it to this blog with the click of a button.

Today, rather than adding interesting items to my shared items list, I want to highlight a few of my recent favorites from the blogs that I read.

For example, Cupcakes Take the Cake pointed out these lovely cupcake stands, by Michelle Miller.

Need a fun and easy point system to get the kids interested in helping with chores? Kasi has a great idea!

I'm wanting to make this oven "fried" chicken from Blisfully Domestic.

I can't decide what to make for the Scouts' bake sale this weekend.

These cupcakes from gourmet mom?

These pretzel sticks from peas and carrots?

I have had my heart set on making these since I first saw them on al Dente. Recognize this guy?

Anybody seen/tried these slice and bake cupcakes yet? Should I try them?

BTW, I bought some caffeinated coffee from Starbucks this morning - for the first time in over a year! Whew! This is caffeine overload. I should have asked for half caf and half decaf!

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