Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween Fairy

Where have I been? Have you heard of the Halloween Fairy? Well, I hadn't either... until now. You see, one of Lulu's friends spent the night. I overheard the girls talking about their favorite family traditions and the friend yelled out, "Halloween Fairy!" Halloween Fairy? So, I had to ask, "What does the Halloween Fairy do?"

Get this... after the kids go trick-or-treating, they set out their Halloween candy, at the front door, with a note gifting the Halloween candy to the Halloween Fairy and asking for a gift in return. When the kids wake up the next morning, the candy is gone and the gift is in its place.

Can you believe it?

At which point Lulu says, "Dear Halloween Fairy - I'd like an autographed picture of Hannah Montana, um, or backstage passes to Jonas Brothers concert." Grin.

Wow! She doesn't ask for much does she?

The friend explains that, "you can't ask for money; so that's the only problem."

When the friend's mom came to pick her up, she clarified some of the Halloween Fairy logistics. First, the night of Halloween, the kids are permitted to eat as much of the candy as they want. They can also just take one bite of a piece and throw the rest out. They can eat until they make themselves sick - fun. The sky is the limit. The only rule is that whatever is left over, and untouched, is set outside for the Halloween Fairy, along with the note. Secondly, and this is the part that I was most confused about, the gift request should include several choices and Halloween Fairy always does her best to give a gift on the list but she is only one Fairy and she does the best that she can. Whew - relief! I'm glad that we cleared that up!

Does Halloween Fairy come to your house? I'm sure that she'll visit my house this year.

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