Friday, September 26, 2008


Look at these rugs that I saw while I was downtown last weekend? Bro's room is an underwater/nautical type theme. I so want one of these rugs for his room. Okay - these are not so in my budget, but would be gorgeous in his little room.

Or maybe THIS one in front of our fish tank?

I'll settle for this little tiny one.
Deart Husband liked this one and insisted that I take a picture.

Okay - if I can't have one for myself then I'll suggest some for a friend. Have you ever been to Fairy Grandmother's house? You know the large carpet in the kitchen. Wouldn't this be a fabulous replacement for that rug? Fairy Grandmother - you need this in your kitchen.
At any rate, these came in all sorts of sizes and shapes and are so perfect for anyone with a nautical themed room in their house. Do you own a boat? Get a small one for the boat. Oh - yes!

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