Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cookie Season is Here!

Anyone who knows Lulu knows that she is very serious about Girl Scout cookie season.
Here are her stats to date:

2nd grade - sold about 125 boxes of cookies
3rd grade - sold about 260 boxes of cookies
4th grade - sold exactly 500 boxes of cookies
5th grade goal - 1,000 boxes of cookies.

1,000? Don't gasp. Her goal was to sell over 6,000 boxes. THIS is an improvement.
If you want to buy cookies or if you know ANYONE who wants to buy cookies then please contact us.
Check here for a list and descriptions of the cookies that are available this season.

1 comment:

MitziKai said...

Well, of course whe have to help Lulu meet her goal. And it's 100% about helping Lulu and has absolutely nothing to do with my sweet tooth. :) You can put us down for 1 Samoas, 1 Thin Mints, 1 Tagalongs, 1 Do-Si-Dos, and 1 Dulce de Leche. I have a package of 12mo clothes to send to you. I'll put the check in with that. Now, how many weight watchers points is that? Hmmm. :) GO LULU!!!!