Monday, August 11, 2008

What is a sport?

OK - As we have been watching the Olympics the questions came up, 'What is a Sport?'

I'm not bashing and I don't claim to have the answer to this question, but these are my thoughts.

Actually, the question is, "When is it a competition and when is it a sport?"

For example, horse dressage. If you watch dressage, appears that there isn't much to the "sport" (which is an Olympic sport mind you). A horse walking around a ring. Really, there aren't any jumps or anything. The horse is walking/trotting/cantering around an open area. It is so "plain" in fact, that when I asked dear husband to watch he sat down and after a few minutes of watching the event he asked, "When are they going to start?" And, he was serious. That is exactly my point.

Well, then he said that many people don't consider NASCAR to be a sport. Well, I do (now) consider it to be a sport. But, WHY?

Moving on.

Lulu adds, with much excitement, that maybe playing the Wii can be an Olympic sport. Well, NO, but in truth, what prevents playing the Wii from being a sport?

Cheerleading is not an Olympic sport and only recently accepted as actually being a sport (in some circles) I think. I'm sure that Ms. Mindless can clear this up for us.

I'd love to get your feedback, because I cannot figure this out in my mind. What is the difference between a sport and a competition. Is NASCAR a sport? Is cheerleading a sport? Is dressage a sport - or should it be a sport? Is playing the Wii a sport? Hmmm...

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