Monday, August 18, 2008

Up, up, and away

Dear husband procured a boom lift so that he could paint the front of the house. (Well, the house has siding but also has many other wooden parts.) Look what else he got into.

First we have a picture of him and dear daughter safely nestled on the landing.

Here they are getting higher and higher.

Finally, they were so high that they could see the seafood market located out on the highway. For those of you who live in the area, you know which seafood market I am referring to.

I was fine with them going up in the air until the little orange arm (the top part holding the 'basket') started extending higher and higher. Notice in pic #2 the orange arm is not extended. In pic #3 it is all the way out. Yikes! That was about all that mommy could handle.


ms. mindless said...

i cannot believe you didn't faint. crazy. was she scared at all?

Anonymous said...

I bet your neighbors loved this! Did they all want to borrow your boom lift?

Nap Mom said...

Lulu was not sacred, in the least.

Our neighbor to the immediate right wanted to borrow the lift to power wash his house. This wouldn't have gone over too well because Dear Husband was painting our house... which is connected to the neighbor's house. Once our paint dried, the neighbor had family in from out of town so it just didn't work out this time. :-( Maybe next time - we really like those folks!