Friday, August 1, 2008

My Happiness List

Recently, this blog, the Pink of Perfection, issued a "project" for their readers where they asked their readers, that would include me, to create a happiness list and to blog about the list. So, here is my list. I hope that you take the time to create one of your own and to keep it in a handy space so when life gets crazy (every day, right?) you can use the list as a pick-me-up! Half of the fun of having the list is taking the time to create it! Enjoy!

Check out this collage that I created (above). Doesn't it just make you feel, fresh, cool, and relaxed? Seriously, this visual makes my heart sing! I think that I am going to make this the background for my desktop.

Oh, and these minis (a word that I stole from ms. mindless) are my current addiction.

Other things that make me happy...

  • My husband, of course. Ok - so he didn't get his own collage, BUT he did make the top of the list!

  • Feeding the ducks

  • A good book at the beach and the peace and quiet to read it (see first pic above)

  • The smell of a new book

  • Baked goods, all of them

  • Finding a pair of pants, in my closet, that fit me

  • Even better, finding a shirt that fits

  • Blogging

  • Reading - anything, anywhere

  • The way that my parent's love my children

  • Drinking water

  • Taking pictures

  • The way that my grandma edits pictures. Don't let her get a pic of your head because she'll paste it on top of any body. You're a mother one day and a dancing elf the next!

  • That my aunt calls me "Minderella"! Get it? As in "Cinderella."

  • Playing games with my family

  • Decorating cakes

  • The smell of my favorite summer camp (CLH)

  • When the AC in my car is working - don't ask

  • Seeing a veggie stand on the side of the road, buying a tomato from the stand, and...

  • ... eating a BLT!!!!

  • Looking at the Wilton Yearbook

  • Finding friends on Facebook and MySpace

  • Discovering the perfect gift. You know, not a regular gift but the one that is just perfect!

  • A good coffee, which I haven't had in awhile

  • When people (my friends and family) comment on my blog

  • Chatting away with a friend - like I did last night with my most chattiest friend and you can hardly think that there is anyone chattier than moi! (Because I know that many grammar addicts read my blog, I would like to note that I know that "most chattiest" is not correct grammar but if you ever met this friend then you would know that "most chattiest" is a very appropriate description for her... as it often is for me too!)

What makes you happy? Drop me a comment and let me know!



MitziKai said...

We get so litle face time b/c of schedules and distance so ... reading your blog to keep up with the family DEFINITELY makes me happy! :) Thanks for including me.

Bethany said...

That first collage is beautiful! I like the smell of new books too! I also like the smell of the musty old ones in the basement of the University's library.

Grand Matriarch said...

"most chattiest" goes along with "onliest", which a lot of folks in this part of the country say.. just to drive me nuts!!