Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leave Your Husband at Home When You Go Shopping for Baby Things

I guess this should be titled, "Leave Your Husband at Home When You Go Shopping for ANYTHING," but since I actually don't shop for anything but groceries then I am a little out of practice.

OK - so Bro needed new bottles. We have 4 oz bottles at home but my 7 month old needs more than 4 oz at a time. Right now, the nanny has to stop feeding him after 4 oz and add more ounces and then start to feed him again. That's crazy.

So, I tell my dear husband that I'm going to go to the Super Baby Store to get some bottles. He agrees and offers to go with me. I thought that he wanted to keep me company. I figured out, after we got to the store, that he wanted to monitor my spending.

Background: The bottles come in a two-pack. Prior to going to the store, we had 2 large bottles at home already. Bro will eat from 2-3 bottles a day. I will come home from work each day with milk (that I pumped - again, we'll get to that later) to fill 2 bottles. When I get home from work, 2-3 bottles will be sitting (dirty) in the sink. Thus, I am thinking that we will need to purchase 4 bottles. See - two (maybe 3) in the sink and I'll need to fill two others. Are you with me here?

So, I go to grab 2 packs of bottles (meaning that we would purchase 4 bottles = 6 total at home) and he actually is seriously having a discussion with me about how we can make do with only buying 2 bottles (meaning that we would have 4 total at home).

To break it down, his version means that on any given day when I get home from a long day at work... my first stop can be to wash that day's bottles so that I can fill them up again... with a crying baby in the back ground, with a daughter who needs dinner - needs to get her homework done - needs to get to cheer practice... and so on.

Fine - we get past this and put the 2 packs of bottles in the cart, of course. Well, the bottles are right at the entrance of the store. Now, I had a whole super store of baby supplies to peruse, right? OH - the look on his face was priceless when he found out that I wanted to look through that store.

Of course, I did get to stay and look through the store, but I couldn't buy anything that I wanted to buy because I had the purse-police peeking over my shoulder the whole time.

Oh well, it's probably all the better. I'll just know to leave him at home next time. Lesson learned.

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ms. mindless said...

the purse police! i love it. my purse policeman was not happy with my shopping in vegas. and i didn't even get that much stuff.

you should start making him wash the bottles. then he won't complain about buying more!