Monday, August 11, 2008

Pink Clover cookies

Inspired by Horton's pink clover, Lulu recently made Horton Hears a Who cookies.

First, I (mommy) made the cookies by using some store bought sugar cookie dough. Then, Lulu added pink food coloring to the coconut and melted the white chocolate. Each cookie was topped with a "speck" to represent Whoville.

Note: When Lulu helps me cook in the kitchen, she has to do it "Food Network Style." That is, she has to moderate what she is doing for her viewing audience, regardless of the fact that we never HAVE a viewing audience. This doesn't seem to matter much to Lulu. Here she is, in the clip below, demonstrating how to assemble Who pink clover cookies. (Finally, she has a viewing audience.) If you listen closely, you will hear her say that she assembles these the same way that she assembles her mini pizzas. That is true, the assembly is the same except that the pizzas include a small cracker, red sauce, and mozz cheese.

For your viewing pleasure, our very own Food Network Star...



Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of trying Lulu's cookies and I must say they were GREAT!

ms. mindless said...

she is out of control. when will lulu get her very own blog?