Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eating Bit by Bit

Have you seen these little stars that Gerber makes for babies? The point (I suppose) is that the stars replace Cheerios as a snack for the little ones. Well, Bro is eating them now (or trying to eat them). After he finishes lunch I throw a few on his tray and let him work at eating them while I clean up.
In this pic, below, he has a star in his hand but he just can't see it (as usual). Does this mean that he is going to be right handed?

Here he is grabbing his last star.

Bro is VERY into eating big-boy food. He is not ready for it but he wants to eat it anyways. He much prefers to eat some of our dinner than settle for the pureed food from the jars. He still can't chew very well but he does his best.

He has also decided (because he can make these decisions you know) that he doesn't want to drink from bottles. He does not have time to lean back and drink from a bottle. Instead, he needs to be up and looking around at the world because he just might miss something. Seriously, I'll have to take video of this for you. It goes something like this:

Bro sucks on the bottle.

Bro stops sucking and pops his head up - looks around.

Bro leans back to drink more.

10 seconds later.


Note: It's even more fun to play this game when he is nursing... in public!

Unfortunately for Bro, his pediatrician said that he should be drinking 20-24 ounces of 'milk' per day (which means that I have to pump 20-24 ounces in a day - don't ask - that's a whole different story). Apparently the 20-24 ounces of 'milk' is important because of the calcium. So, we can substitute a little bit of yogurt and soft cheese for the milk, which we do. Also, this weekend, dear husband and I bought him (Bro NOT dear husband) the big-boy bottle nipple which has a bigger hole and will allow him to finish his bottle faster. Hopefully this will help!

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