Thursday, April 28, 2011

Did someone say Easter?

We colored eggs, as usual.  Bro used the traditional dipping method...

... and Lulu tie-dyed hers.  Tie-dyeing eggs involves wrapping the egg in a damp, white cloth and putting it in a plastic holder that has holes in it.  Then, you apply the colors with a small syringe thingy. 

When you unwrap your egg, you get something that looks like this.  Cool, huh?

She tried it with paper towels, instead of the white cloth, and that was cool too.

Baby Bee sat in her chair with some extremely healthy snacks cheetos... and was totally content the whole time we were outside. 

Did you see my nice Easter grass growing on the table?  It was a gorgeous day so I sat them outside for some sun and fresh air.  {{ahem.. the grass is real... the flowers are fake -- just sayin'}}  Need a better look?  {{We'll talk about the Easter grass later.}}

Later, the Easter bunny dropped off some baskets at the house.

Note:  I am not at all offended if you skip the descriptions of these baskets.  My grandma wants to hear all about them though -- don't you Grandma?. 

From left to right: 
Lulu's basket:  complete with Justin Bieber stickers and a triangle bunny hop game.
Bee's basket:  including "My First Easter" bib and a set of bubbles for three people to use (in yellow container).
Bro's basket:  with gardening tools and Cars-theme gardening gloves. 

Traditions:  Dear Husband insists that everyone gets a chocolate bunny and I insist that each basket has Peeps and jelly beans. Also, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that an Easter basket includes small gifts as well.  Maybe this is because I was an only child and so I got gifts in my basket.  Judging from some of the baskets that were posted on facebook Saturday night (what a busy little bunny) gifts are not necessary.  I am hoping to discontinue Easter bunny gifts in the near future. 

In case you are wondering, the Easter bunny did not leave Easter grass for the kids, but Dear Husband thought it would look cute in the picture.  I think that Easter grass will be a tradition -- it's so festive, easy, and fun.

The next morning, the bunny hid those eggs all over our yard.  I'm glad it was a nice morning... what would we have done if it was raining?  Maybe the bunny waits and comes back another day.  I'm sure that's what happens.

 I'm wondering...
does your Easter bunny hide real eggs or plastic ones?


Nap Mom said...

this is a test

Fairy Grandmother said...

I have loved the Easter grass you just keeps growing and looking good! Thanks