Monday, April 11, 2011

No Excuses

My KinderGARDEN post is here.  Whoops!  I linked to the wrong post in the linky tool.  I'll get better -- I promise!

I'm not going to make any excuses for my absence.  Just busy - aren't we all?

Just to catch you all up to speed... most recently... we discovered that Lulu has 86 pictures of Justin Bieber in her room.  All four walls have pictures as well as the ceiling.

I grew some wheat grass for Easter.  This was a practice run to make sure that it would work.  Now that Easter is really almost here... we are doing it again!

I made Bri's Easter dress.  It is reversible. 

Bri started pushing the "mail cart."  A history of the mail cart in our family can be seen here and here.

We Dear Husband tilled the garden.

We tilled the garden this past weekend.  Then, Bro spent the past two days reminding us to plant vegetables.  I promised him that we will are going to buy the vegetable plants in a few days and plant them with him.  Precious little fella!

See?  You hardly missed a thing!

I found some garden planning software online.  You can use it for 30 days for free.  It's so super easy to use and totally maps out your garden for you.

Here is what I put together for our family.  Look... the program already maps out how much space everything will need.

Obviously we want tomato plants.  Lulu wants peas.  Bro wants carrots because he is reading The Carrot Seed every night before bed.  I'm not sure how the edamames will work out.  Watermelon is something the kids will like for sure!  I have heard that even kids will eat fresh brussel sprouts... maybe???  Of course I have to have basil.  I don't know what I am going to do with the lavender, but I want some.  :-)

Based on the harvest schedule for these fruits and veggies... August, September, and October will be fun, busy, healthy months for us!

Are there any experienced gardeners reading? 
Give suggestions.  Help! 


Fairy Grandmother said...

Happy to see you back at your blog!

Nap Mom said...

Wow! Didn't take you long to find me!

T.J. said...

Geez Louise- no wonder you needed a little break- look at all the stuff you've accomplished!!!! Sewing and garden planning and family time- yay!

Thanks for sharing the garden software- I might have to look into that. I have no tips for you as each growing season seems to be a new adventure for me, but I will tell you I intend to use hay bale gardening this year as well, especially for my tomatoes. I figure that way I can haul around the bale to all the corners of my yard that actually do get a little sun ;)

Thanks for your pregnancy wishes and don't worry- as far as not "knowing"- it was you and I both, sister! You and I both.

Suz and Joe said...

Miracle Grow - that's my tip. Dad has always sworn by it and he had a booming farm business for years - just retired last summer. He always laid down black plastic in his garden and planted through the plastic but he had acres of land he was working with. It did wonders for keeping the weeds out though.