Friday, February 25, 2011


I am going to a baby shower on Saturday and I have nothing to wear. I also do not have time to shop, but I browsed some online stores anyway. 

My first stop was Anthrolopogie.  Everyone I know is raving about their clothes.  I never buy clothes for myself.  This is the honest truth.  Never.  I think I have purchased MAYBE 5 items of clothing for myself in the last year (maybe the past 2 years).  No time to shop + no $$ = no new clothes.  I know that this is shocking to some of you... but... welcome to my life.  It CAN be done!

Imagine my surprise when I clicked on "dresses" at and saw these numbers.

In case you are wondering.  Those numbers range from $138 to $348.

Are you choking?  Because I certainly was!

After I picked myself up on the floor, I immediately logged on to another website.  I mean... for real people... is this how much you ladies are paying for dresses?  No way!

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw these prices from Target.  Yes, Target.

Um... the most expensive price among these three dresses is... $24.99!  Thanks goodness.   For a moment there I thought I might never own a new dress again.

For now, I will be wearing my "uniform" to the baby shower tomorrow.  Uniform = black pants, black top, black sweater.

I'm thinking of getting something in a bubble gum pink color.  Is bubble gum pink ONLY for babies?  I'm going to need a little guidance here.  You know, some advice... for the day that I do eventually buy a new article of clothing.


SusieQ said...

You can have any color you want..

And if you really want a dress.. have you considered sewing a skirt? They are real easy and you can use a top you already have...

Or maybe you could find something in your mom's closet???

Fairy Grandmother said...

You can always shop in my closet!!

Jennifer said...

Min- When I move back to the states I'm coming to Maryland and we are going to have a girls day and I'm taking you shopping and buying you a dress! Everyone woman needs a good dress. Just think of it as a late B-day gift!
Love ya

T.J. said...

I am going through this exact same process- except for rain boots. It;s so darn hard!!! I wish you better luck than I'm having :)

T.J. said...

Ok, I;m having de ja vu. I thought I commented here, but don't see it, so I'm just gonna send you another holla ok?!

I hear Bubbly gum pink will be the color of Spring. Well, not actually, but I wouldn't mind if it was!! go for it :)