Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fastest Read Ever

Have you heard about these Hunger Games books? 

The premise of the book is that a bunch of teens are in a government-sanctioned "game" where they kill each other and the last one standing "WINS."

Ewww... right?

I would normally never be interested in a book like this.  Alas, people keep reading it and saying that it's soooo good.  What is wrong with these people? {{People = facebook acquaintances and random bloggers}}

Finally, I succumb to the pressure... and bought The Hunger Games.  Ahem... and I read it in one weekend.

 Then I flew through Catching Fire. 

And, now I am in Mocking Jay.

The whole back story to how all of this comes to be is fascinating.  I hung on every detail.  You should definitely read the set of books, if you have a chance to... well... at least read Hunger Games.  I'm pretty sure you haven't read anything quite like it before!

Did you read The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?  It was the first short story that I read in my high school Literature class.  The set-up to Hunger Games started like The Lottery; all of the activity about a "game" makes you think you are getting a "game" and the game is something really different.  Read The Lottery (it's free and online) and see if you see the similarities.  WARNING:  The Lottery has a rather unhappy ending which is different than The Hunger Games.  I was so shocked to be reading this in high school.  Who writes that stuff? It made such an impact on me that I never forgot it.


SusieQ said...

The Hunger Games sounds horrid.. what made you finish the book? While you were reading that mess I was reading Alice in Wonderland again.. And now I am reading the Circular Staircase again.. Haven't read it in so long it is new to me! In between I read The Other side of the Door...

Ashley said...

YAY! I'm glad you decided to try it! I know I posted about it a lot. :)

I would NEVER like that type of book either but I was obsessed! I'm telling you-- such a good book.

Have you done the twilight series yet?

Nap Mom said...

SusieQ - It sounds horrid but it is great. Do not be scared. I give it a mostly PG rating with one debatable PG-13 part.

Ashley - Yes, I tried it. I have heard that Book 3 is the best but I am finding it hardest to get throgh book 3. Yes, I did read the Twilight series.

Ashley said...

AI found the third book to be my least favorite and most graphic.

The Random Mom said...

I was this on my to read list. If my labor with this baby is anything like my first I will need something to do for hours.

Fairy Grandmother said...

Well you have got me reading it now and I can't put it down!